Sunday, 12 September 2010

Clouded Yellow butterflies at Pontsmill, Par, 12th September, 2010.

Hi all,

A very nice afternoon walk to pontsmill with my wife Lisa & young sons, Robert & Michael produced 2 x fresh Clouded Yellows which given their sedentry habit in the same field flying round & round are probably home bred in that very field (privately owned but I climbed the gate to explore with my children knowing that the worst that could happen is that someone would yell at us to get out but no-one did). This was also witnessed by Roger Lane standing & watching these Clouded Yellows by the gate with my Wife Lisa Slaughter. Given an average 2 months lifecycle in the wild I calculate that these are offspring from immigrant adults that oviposited on or about 7th-15th July. Were there any Clouded Yellows seen in Cornwall during that time?

There was also a very fresh Comma & a bright blue that flew up into the trees which could possibly be a late Holly Blue although Roger Lane thinks it would have probably been a Common Blue despite it flying up into a tree. Quite a few Speckled Woods still about with a few Large & Small Whites too. Altogether a nice Sunday Afternoon for mid-September.

Cheers all,

Lee Slaughter.

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